Terms and Conditions

By opening an account and using the services provided by EZE Laundry Service, you signify that you accept the terms and conditions set forth. Our terms and conditions are subject to change over time. Please review these terms and conditions prior to scheduling any of our services.

At EZE Laundry our simple commitment is to provide superior quality, exceptional value, and unmatched reliability. Your garments are given the care they deserve. We use the most modern equipment and products available to process and clean your clothes with the utmost care and quality. However due to problems that can arise from "normal wear and tear," we cannot assume responsibility if inferior articles of clothing are damaged during our cleaning process.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, or if any of your items are missing or damaged, you are responsible to report a claim by contacting us at EZELaundry.com or by calling us at 267-702-0570. All claims must be reported within 24 hours of delivery of your items. After the 24 hours, there will be no refunds given and you will not be able to report a claim. To report a claim, you must provide a specific description of the item including: brand, color, and size.

Pick-up and delivery will be our top priority. We will try to honor the times that you have specified for your pick-up and delivery. EZE Laundry Service cannot be held responsible due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to weather, traffic, road emergencies, accidents, and road blockages. We will do our best to inform you of our delay prior to your scheduled pick-up or delivery time. All pick-up and delivery will occur Monday through Friday between 6 A.M. and 6 P.M. If your items are not available for pick-up on your scheduled day and time, you are subject to a surcharge of $10 per occurrence and your items will not be picked up until your next scheduled day and time.

EZE Laundry Service offers two types of services: Wash & Fold laundry service charged at a per-pound rate, and Dry Cleaning service, charged at a per-item rate. At EZE Laundry, we have Laundry Specialists who hand sort, pre-treat, wash, dry, fold, and package your items to your specifications. Each laundry order is processed individually to your exact requirements (including hypo-allergenic needs for sensitive skin). We keep your "whites white" and your "colors bright." We provide expert delivery service back to you within 48 hours. All services will be automatically billed upon delivery to your credit card on file.

EZE Laundry Service will individually inspect each garment for damage prior to performing Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning service. Prior to service if we find any damages to your items, we will automatically contact you and await your approval to begin servicing that item. We inspect all items for the manufacturing cleaning instructions and will utilize these instructions to perform all services. However, if manufacturing cleaning instructions are missing on the item or if the item is not explicitly stated as "Dry Clean Only" and is included within the Wash & Fold laundry, EZE Laundry Service will not be responsible for any damage.

In the event of damage to any item we service, EZE Laundry Service will reimburse you up to 10 times the charge per servicing the item. We will not honor any claims of shrinking, color fading, or color blending. This is a natural occurrence from the laundry process and clothes damaged from this process will not be considered in any way the responsibility of EZE Laundry Service.

EZE Laundry Service will not be responsible for damage to items including trimmings, buckles, belts, beads, buttons, and sequins. In the service process, we cannot guarantee that items will not shrink or change color or lose color. We will do everything we can to avoid damaging your items. Unfortunately there are limitations to what we can do. For example, we don’t have time to check your pockets to see if you have left anything in them. Therefore, we can’t be held responsible if something left in your laundry (like lipstick, chewing gum, or a pen) causes any damage. We do not promise to remove or treat any stain that is on any item. We will try our best to remove the stain.