Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Pick-up and Delivery work?
A representative of EZE LAUNDRY will pick-up and return your laundry within 48 hours at your specified location. You do not need to be at the location for your pick-up or delivery.

Do you provide laundry bags?
Yes. When you sign-up for our service, a free laundry bag will be provided. Each service time, you will use that bag for all of your dirty laundry.

How are my clean items returned?
All of your clean items are folded and packaged to your exact specifications in clear plastic bags for delivery.

How are my items processed?
A Special Instruction Form is supplied for each laundry service. Stains or special handling can be detailed on the form. Hypo-allergenic needs for sensitive skin can be specified on the Special Instruction Form.
- Dry Cleaning items are processed via Green Dry Cleaning technology.
- Wash and Fold laundry is separated by color. We keep your "whites white" by washing in hot water with optional bleach. We keep your "colors bright" by washing in cold water.

What type of detergent do you use?
Industry standard detergents and bleaches are used. If you prefer a specific detergent, identify that request on the Special Instruction Form. Dye free and scent free detergents are available upon request.

How do I pay?
If you place an order through the EZE Laundry mobile app or using the web ordering system on this website, your credit card will be charged automatically prior to delivery. If you placed an order by other means, you can by via credit card on this site by simply clicking the Payment tab.

Do I need to request for repeating service?
A customer can sign-up once for a preset schedule on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Where is EZE LAUNDRY located?
EZE Laundry is a female owned local business servicing the Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.